9 Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

A Complete Essential Oil Guide : For Healthy and Glowing Skin


Your personality in its entirety is a representation of who you are as an individual and believe it or not your skin plays a gigantic role in how you are perceived. Always beautiful and healthy skin, adds panache to your personality by simply projecting to the world that I care enough about myself to care about everything around me.

However, before we move onto the obvious reasons of essential oils and their benefits on our skin, I have to make a brief mention of what causes so much ruining of your skin.


Below mentioned are the reasons:

1. Lack of hydration

Dehydration is the number one cause of irritable skin. It is essential to hydrate in order to keep the dry and stretchy feeling from your skin at bay. The skin cells are also made of water and need to be replenished for the skin to stay hydrated. Drinking a water inadequate amount is the only way to go about this because water is claimed to be the best food for the skin.


2. Sun damage

How amazing it is to have some fun in the sun, it makes you feel rejuvenated and happy! However extreme long hours and direct contact with the sunlight can make your face fall, literally. That’s because the damage your skin has suffered due to exposure to the UV rays is apparent. You for sure cannot avoid the sun but you can be wise about it.

3. Lack of exercise

Its absence from your daily regimen definitely makes you fat, however, the repercussions are far more than just being overweight, it introduces very many more health problems. Since we are discussing skin here, let me tell you what it does to your skin. It takes away the luster from your skin. There isn’t enough flow of blood which is essential for the oxygen to travel across the body to each cell including the skin cells.

4. Bad eating habits

Agree with it or not those fast food joints that you frequently visit with your friends are the biggest culprit! Unfortunately, these are the places where your skin gets robbed of its health! Feed your skin the right food and it will respond with that lovely look you want because your skin needs different nutrients.

5. Smoking

Whatever may be the reasons for you to start smoking, by now you must have realized that it does nothing to reduce your stress levels! The only thing it does manage to do other than make you susceptible to various respiratory disorders and heart troubles is dry your skin out and make you look like a cracked board.


From time immemorial, people from all over the planet have been consuming essential oils in some way or the other to maintain health and treat or cure various ailments and conditions. They are botanical extracts hence pure in nature so they can be used in a variety of ways, however as it is with all the concentrated ingredients, do some research to learn as to which oils can or cannot be used in their undiluted form. Here I am going to introduce 9 best essential oils for the skin.

1. Ylang Ylang

This one essential oil is one of my favorite essential oils primarily because of its rich, floral fragrance! It is helpful in controlling excess oil production and minimizing skin breakouts. It is also known for its properties of helping in the regeneration of skin cells; it is very helpful in smoothing the fine lines on the face and is also known for improving skin elasticity. Just brilliant essential oil for all skin type! This lovely oil is also super good for treating oily and acne prone skin while still ensuring the stimulation of cell growth to fight the effects of aging!


Carrot seed essential oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin because not only does it work to help smoothen the skin, but assists with effective cell regeneration too. It can help fade scars permanently and slow down the aging of your skin. It is very rich in antioxidants which help in neutralizing inflammation and wrinkle-causing free radicals.


Myrrh essential oil has the tremendous effect on aging skin. Since this oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, it can help improve skin tone to a great extent, add firmness to the skin, and its elasticity. It works on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Other benefits of the myrrh oil are that it can help heal sun damage, chapped skin, rashes, and eczema.


Rose essential oil is especially beneficial for dry or aging skin. Researchers have found out that it contains many therapeutic properties known to promote healing, primarily the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds. As a result, the rose essential oil helps refine skin texture and even the skin tone, and it is very helpful in managing skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Interestingly, a study even found that just inhaling rose essential oil arrests water loss to the skin!


One of the more well-known essential oils for acne-prone skin is the tea tree essential oil. This oil’s antibacterial properties help clear off the acne-causing bacteria and it also assists in healing wounds. It regulates oil production, which can decrease the severity and incidence of breakouts of the skin.



Patchouli essential oil is particularly great for controlling the aging of the skin. It encourages new cell growth rapidly and it too smoothes out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Because of its antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial character, this oil can also benefit skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne.


Geranium essential oil helps in regulating oil production in the skin and reduces acne breakouts. This oil also helps in improving skin’s elasticity and while it also tightens the skin. This oil too reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Yet more, this essential oil facilitates effective blood circulation to the areas where it is applied. It helps to heal bruises, burns, cuts, broken capillaries, treats dermatitis, eczema, ringworm, and other skin conditions. For sure this wonderful baby does it all!


Frankincense essential oil is fantastic for all skin types. This oil besides other phenomenal benefits is also a natural toner! It decreases the appearance of open pores and evens out the skin-tone. It makes the new cell growth happen rapidly, it helps in tightening the skin and reduces wrinkles and fades away the scars. This oil also helps soothe the chapped and the dried skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits making it yet another great choice for acne-prone skin.


For all your oily, sensitive, and mature skin issues, Neroli essential oil is the answer! It helps to smoothen out the fine lines and it tones the uneven, sagging skin. This oil contains a natural rejuvenating chemical called citral, which regenerates cells and makes the skin supple. It is said to be very effective in healing and lightening the stretch marks on your body. Neroli essential oil has amazing antiseptic properties which balance the oil production and it also shrinks the open pores without drying the skin.

Please Note:

Few critical things to remember while using essential oils are that it should be diluted in the carrier oil to a maximum of 5%. Certainly, do a patch test to make sure your skin does not react with the oils. The inner forearm is a good place to do conduct the patch test since that part of the skin is delicate and similar to facial skin.

Additionally, some essential oils must be avoided by expecting mothers, infants, and young children, hence be sure to do your homework well before using them.

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