Frankincense Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

10 of the most fascinating Frankincense essential oil uses

Usage of essential oils has now taken over a number of beauty and health care products. There are plenty of essential oils extracted from the purest and the most authentic raw materials.The best quality of essential oils is that you will find an essential oil for every issue that you face.

Be it a health related problem or a skincare issue, you can blindly trust upon the naturally extracted essential oils from different raw materials. With that being said, let us now switch over to our essential oil of interest which is frankincense essential oil.

There are plentiful frankincense essential oil benefits and uses about which, we shall discuss in the later section of this blog. The numerous frankincense essential oil benefits are directly related to innumerable properties exhibited by the miraculous frankincense. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin softening. A number of people have started using frankincense essential oil for skin and various other utilise frankincense essential oil for cancer treatment.

The predominant use of the same has been found for treatment of various facial problems and hence, the majority of frankincense essential oil users utilize frankincense essential oil for face. Alongside these, many other frankincense essential oil uses and benefits have been described in the later sections of this blog.

Frankincense - a sensible choice

The exemplary raw material responsible for the innumerable frankincense essential oil benefits is Boswellia tree. It is found predominantly within the southern Arabian Peninsula and in some regions of India. Its primary function happens to be that of a spice.

Frankincense is a highly priced spice due to its intoxicating aroma and strong woodsy spice within it. There are different species and strains of Boswellia trees found in all the above-mentioned regions, out of which there are four main verities of the same. The predominant use of frankincense is found in the aroma and scent industries.

A major use of frankincense is particularly found in the extraction of the frankincense essential oil which alone possesses a number of benefits and uses, hence, choosing frankincense essential oil is a sensible choice. More about frankincense and frankincense essential oil uses are mentioned in the section that follows.

Frankincense essential oil benefits

With the innumerable benefits of frankincense, there are even more frankincense essential oil benefits. People have replaced their pricey healthcare and skincare solutions with the frankincense essential oil for skin and health benefits. Apart from skin and health, the frankincense essential oil benefits dwell in various other areas as well. Mentioned below are some of many frankincense essential oil uses and benefits: 


1. Frankincense essential oil uses for a better oral health

Frankincense essential oil is highly antiseptic and is therefore extremely beneficial for the treatment of numerous tooth related issues. Due to aromatic properties, it helps in treating the bad odour of the mouth and on the other hand, the antiseptic properties fight germs, toothaches, mouth sores, cavities etc. This contributes to the numerous frankincense essential oil benefits and also serves to be a natural type of oral health care.

2. Frankincense essential oil benefits indigestion

Indigestion and bowel related problems are very common in today’s time of binge eating. People face such issues every now and then. Frankincense essential oil has been proved to be extremely beneficial in the same as it possesses remarkable digestive properties.

Frankincense essential oil uses for treating indigestion are the most beneficial ones as it works upon indigestion to completely cure the condition. It is noteworthy here, that unlike the antacids, frankincense essential oil does not work upon just the symptoms of the same. This is one of those frankincense essential oil benefits that are related to the healthcare sector.


3. Frankincense essential oil for face ageing

Ageing though is an inevitable process, can be retarded to a great extent with the help of anti-ageing solutions. Frankincense oil is packed with cytophylactic properties, adhering to which it promotes the regeneration of all the old and dead cells present within the skin and hence, it helps you get back that youthful skin and face. This is the reason why people in huge numbers are relying on frankincense essential oil for skin ageing.


4. Frankincense essential oil uses against respiratory issues

Considering the environmental conditions and high amount of pollution, smog in the air these days, even the ones with the finest respiratory systems are now suffering and dealing with a number of respiratory issues. Cough, phlegm, asthma, bronchitis and congestion of various parts of the respiratory system are the common ailments that people go through today.

The condition is even worse in the case of infants and old aged people. Frankincense essential oil with its soothing properties is known to unclog the congestion and breakthrough the phlegm deposited. It fights through all the above-mentioned ailments and provides relief. This is also one of the extremely amazing frankincense essential oil benefits of the healthcare sector.


5. Frankincense essential for skin health maintenance

As mentioned above, a lot of people are now switching over to frankincense essential oil for face and skin. The main reason for the same is its astringent properties which heal every damaged part of the skin making it look more radiant and youthful as it was before. Frankincense essential oil for face is the best choice that you will ever make if you wish to look beautiful and flawless forever. Apart from the beauty purposes, the astringent properties of frankincense essential oil treat minor wounds, cuts and bites from different insects.


6. Frankincense essential oil uses for maintaining hormone health

Irregular menstruation, menopause and abnormal menstruation are the most common issues that women are facing today. Some of these conditions can even turn as serious as infertility. Frankincense essential oil comes with natural emmenagogue properties and therefore, treats all these ailments. Adhering to the same properties, it is also used to maintain a constant balance between the hormones and the hormone cycle. This is one of the majorly important frankincense essential oil benefits.


7. Frankincense essential oil benefits against cancer

Out of all the other frankincense essential oil uses known so far, this one is the most quintessential one. Unhygienic living conditions and other innumerable factors lead to cancer conditions. Frankincense essential oil has anti-carcinogenic properties that fight against cancerous cells and destroy them. Frankincense essential oil has all the knowledge to correct the irregularities of the DNA codes which is the cause of cancer. The mode of action of frankincense oil is to remove the nucleus of the cancerous cell from its cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is dead without the nucleus just as the body is dead without the brain. This puts a permanent halt to the reproduction of the cancerous DNA and therefore, Cancer is suppressed or eradicated. This is one of the most quintessential frankincense essential oil uses for a better healthcare.


8. Frankincense essential oil uses against joint pain

Joint pains are common in old aged and over-exercised body. The root cause of joint pain is the inflammation of the joints, Frankincense essential oil with its commendable anti-inflammatory properties treats joint pains and inflammation within the body.

Due to the same properties frankincense essential oil is used in the treatment of arthritis, joint pain, neck pain etc. It is classically useful in enhancing the blood circulation level within the human body.


9. Frankincense essential oil benefits for stimulating urination

Urination excretes out all the harmful toxins and waste from our body and is, therefore, necessary process of the human body. A lot of people face difficulties in urination and have reported that they cannot urinate freely. There are plenty of instantaneous pharmaceutical options available in the market, including Lasik which eventually turn out to be very unsafe.

Frankincense essential oil is a natural and safe alternative to stimulate urination in individuals that face such issues. It promotes urination and therefore helps you to flush out a number of toxins like sodium, fats and uric acid from the body. This one also counts in the Frankincense essential oil uses in the healthcare sector.


10. Frankincense essential oil uses for aromatherapy

After discussing plentiful amazing frankincense essential oil benefits, we have now reached on to one of the most mainstream frankincense essential oil benefits. Frankincense is known for its alluring aroma, due to which it is used in scents and perfumes.

Another use of the intoxicating aroma of frankincense is in the aromatherapy which is a common stress-relieving therapy in the 21st century. Frankincense has sedative and soothing properties which helps in uplifting the mood and helps the individuals to fight depression. There are uncountable health effects of the aroma of frankincense. 

Jaw dropped? Let me tell you that these are just a minor part of the major frankincense essential oil uses. A closer view of anything is observed after making use of it and here as well you can get a better picture after using this fabulous essential oil.

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