Marjoram Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

8 wild Marjoram Essential oil uses and Benefits

With continuous technological evolution, latest and better technologies for combating various health and beauty issues have been evolved. While some prove to be a pure bliss to the mankind several others serve as a setback.

The 21st century is the era of technological evolution as well as artificialization. Most of the artificial equipment though, are beneficial but several others such as the beauty and healthcare products serve to be hazardous at some point. Several harmful effects of artificially created products have been witnessed plentiful times by individuals in different areas of the world.


The most reliable solution for both beauty and health in this technological era is the natural essential oils. These essential oils might be extracted through the latest techniques but their source of extraction happens to be natural.

When it comes to essential oils, marjoram essential oil remains much in demand all over the world due to the bountiful benefits of marjoram essential oil. We shall discuss more about the benefits of Marjoram essential oil in further sections of the blog.

The magic herb: Marjoram

Origanummajoranais a type of herb which is perennial in nature and has been used for a number of purposes. The main purpose of the marjoram herb happens to be the extra pinch of spice to varietal food items. Marjoram herb is commonly regarded as the “goose herb” in Germany as it is used traditionally for roasting geese. The plant of marjoram bears small flowers which are usually pink to white in colour.

The ovate green coloured leaves of the marjoram plant are known for its soothing fragrance. Marjoram is a magic herb which when used in food enhances the taste and when used in essential oil can work wonders.

The spicy facts and uses of marjoram are widely discerned but the uses and benefits of marjoram essential oil are still novel to some. Considering the stated fact, we will talk majorly about the marjoram essential oil uses in the section that follows.

Amazing marjoram essential oil uses and benefits

The benefits of marjoram essential oil in the food area is known to all, and the intent of this blog is to draw the attention of the individuals towards some extremely extraordinary benefits of marjoram essential oil.

By the time you reach the end of the blog, you will surely get fascinated by all the wonderful and amazing marjoram essential oil uses in both health as well as beauty area. So, let us end the anticipation in you with our exclusive enlisting of benefits of marjoram essential oil.

1. Type of an aphrodisiac essential oils

A lot of people today are suffering from an irrepressible urge to have intercourse which eventually happens due to various reasons. A universal practice of getting rid of this uncontrollable sexual desire is the usage of anaphrodisiac essential oils and it is noteworthy that marjoram essential oil is a type of anaphrodisiac essential oils.

Hence, it is capable of repressing the irrepressible sexual desires of various individuals. Marjoram essential oil is one of the very few anaphrodisiac essential oils available to the mankind.

2. Aids better digestion

There are a number of marjoram health benefits, and treatment of indigestion is one of the marjoram health benefits. The marjoram seeds have long been used as the natural remedy of indigestion and due to the same reason, the marjoram essential oil facilitates and aids digestion.

The marjoram essential oil has the properties to secrete digestive juices like bile, acids etc. and hence, it is remarkable remedy for issues like indigestion.

Another property which adds on to the marjoram health benefits is that it stimulates the peristaltic movements of the intestine which results in better bowel movement and therefore, aids digestion. This is one of the best-known benefits of marjoram essential oil.

3. Marjoram essential oil for high blood pressure

Considering the amount of hassle in our daily routines, every second person today is a hypertension patient. While most people rely on the medicines, a lot of people search for marjoram essential oil for high blood pressure as it is a carminative in nature.

One of the most remarkable benefits of marjoram essential oil is that it is a type of hypotensive oil and hence, possesses all the blood pressure lowering properties.

Marjoram essential oil for high blood pressure is used specifically to thwart the conditions such as strokes, brain haemorrhage and heart attacks. Another property due to which people use marjoram essential for high blood pressure is that it is a powerful diuretic and removes all the toxic material and induces urination.

Urination eventually helps in lowering of the blood pressure and hence, this is one of extremely alluring marjoram essential oil uses.

4. The cordial effect

During winters, it is very likely that most of the people tend to feel extremely cold due to the weather. This may or may not result in various flu-like symptoms or common cold. Marjoram essential oil due to its cordial effect of providing warmth to the body, is used during winters in majority of the cold countries.

This is one of the major marjoram health benefits. The essential oil when massaged during cold weather tends to provide warmth to the entire body.

It is also known to combat the conditions of excessive phlegm and aid in better health conditions. This is one of those benefits of marjoram essential oil which elevates its demand during the cold weather.

5. Type of emmenagogue essential oils

Due to modern lifestyles; junk food, improper sleep, obesity etc. a lot of women today suffer from irregular menstruation. One of the most beneficial marjoram essential oil uses in this condition is that it is a type of emmenagogue essential oils.

A lot of women suffer from menstrual issues such as irregular menstruation, polycystic ovarian disease, and most of them look for natural emmenagogue essential oils.

This particular benefit out of many other benefits of marjoram essential oil is used by the menopausal women for inducing menstruation. Marjoram is one of those emmenagogue essential oils which have miraculous effects on millions of women all over the world. Hence, the emmenagogue properties of the marjoram oil adds on to the numerous benefits of marjoram essential oils.

6. Analgesic properties

Any kind of ailment eventually leads to pain in various areas of the body and the analgesic properties of marjoram essential oil makes it a potent pain reliever. Overexertion of muscles, over workout, inflammation, headaches and many other plentiful reasons cause pain in the body.

It is one of the most widely known benefits of marjoram essential oil. This is one out of the bountiful marjoram health benefits known to the world.

7. Marjoram oil for sleep

A lot of people find it difficult to fall asleep despite being productive all day. This is a common problem faced by a majority of the individuals today and hence, they indulge in practices such as sleeping pills which eventually are hazardous for health.

The smarter ones rely on marjoram oil for sleep as it possesses, analgesic as well as sedative properties. Marjoram oil for sleep is also used by the individuals who go through extreme pain due to serious injuries or ailments. Insomnia is a common disorder which has elevated the marjoram essential oil uses.

A good massage is all that you need from the marjoram essential oil for sleeping. The sedative property evokes calmness in the body and makes it easier for the person to fall asleep.

8. Natural cleanser

Be it skin or the hair, plenty of women today rely on natural remedies. Marjoram essential oil have been miraculous when used for hair care treatments. The antimicrobial property of marjoram essential oil help in keeping the scalp healthy by fighting all the external contaminants.

Marjoram essential oil uses include its usage in skincare and beauty as well. Marjoram essential oil has been known to provide an even skin tone and fight acne due to its anti-microbial properties. For better hair and skin quality, it is advisable to include marjoram essential oil in daily hair and skin care regime.

Marjoram is a traditional herb which has its own economic significance in the traditional terms. The above-mentioned benefits of marjoram essential oil are just a handful of marjoram essential oil uses and there are several which are still missing out of the list.

Properties of being diuretic, analgesic, sedative, nervine, expectorant emmenagogue, carminative laxative, etc. are directly proportional to the numerous benefits of marjoram essential oil. If you too are suffering from any of the issues mentioned above then marjoram essential oil is the ideal solution for you.

The marjoram essential oil serves to be an impeccable hair as well as skincare product and who doesn’t want a flawless skin and hair? This one essential oil can work wonders and I am sure once you start using it you will surely incorporate it into your daily routine.

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