Rosehip Essential Oil Uses and Benefits


Rosehips have been used for generations by Native Americans, Egyptians, and Mayans because of their healing properties! Its exceptional benefits for skin and hair as well as its essential oils features were admired by the Andean Indians of Chile too. Extremely rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that are super good for skin health are found in abundance in Rosehip oil which apparently has been making a roar in the beauty industry.


Celebrities such as supermodels and actors swear by its phenomenal benefits for the skin. Everybody is raving about its skin rejuvenating and clarifying effects. Let me tell you what exactly is rosehip oil and where does it come from in this article and you can thank me later that you found something so wonderful.

Rosehip oil, also called rosehip seed oil, can be derived from wild roses (Canina, moschata, and Rosa rubignosa), these roses grow in many areas around the world, including Europe and South Africa. The most important thing to remember is that ‘Rosehip Oil’ is not as same as ‘Rose Oil’ so do not be confused with rose essential oil,

Rosehip, as the name suggests, comes from the "hips," the small fruit shaped thing found behind the flowers, which remains on the plant once the roses have bloomed and petals have fallen.

Rosehip oil does not have a rosy fragrance at all since it is not made from the flower instead it has a subtle woody smell. Its color can range from a deep golden to a reddish-orange color. Sometimes even a little light yellow in color. It only indicates of its quality: golden or reddish rosehip oil is cold-pressed, while light-colored ones may be processed or obtained from a menial source.

Composition of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil contains certain therapeutic properties and a gift of nutrients including:

- Vitamins A, C and E,
- Essential fatty acids.
- Stearic acid and Palmitic acid.
- Carotenoids,
- Flavonoids
- Trans-retinoic acid,

How does rosehip oil work?

Its vitamin A content is what makes rosehip oil stand out from other essential oils. So basically this vitamin A binds the skin cells comprehensively and acts as an astringent for skin. This drains away the impurities and firms your skin, giving it a youthful and radiant look. The essential fatty acids help give your skin a more taut appearance.

Rosehip Oil is safe:

Rosehip oil is absolutely safe to use if it is used in moderation and is diluted and used for topical applications only. My only advise to pregnant or breastfeeding women, is to use this essential oil only with the approval of their doctor. Children should certainly refrain from using rosehip oil.

Rosehip Oil and its uses:

Researchers in Germany and Denmark found out that rose hip oil can actually ease rheumatoid arthritis pain and improve mobility by 20 to 25 percent. In modern days, the rosehip oil is liberally used in cosmetic products like lotions, moisturizers and shampoos for its rejuvenating and healing properties.

Qualities of Rosehip oil:

1. It is a natural and a rich source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are imperative for our general health. Essential fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue. Because our bodies are unable to produce them, we have to rely on an external source.

2. This oil is also a natural source of vitamin A known as trans-retinoic acid. The study reveals that trans-retinoic acid is useful in helping to prevent premature aging caused by sun exposure. Rosehip oil reduces the activity of these skin-damaging enzymes and damage caused by the sun.

3. Rosehip oil is a natural source of antioxidants which are micronutrients that protect tissues in the body. Antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and lycopene, which help to protect and repair skin from premature aging caused by modern living.

4. This oil also has a super fine consistency hence make sure to massage rosehip oil well into your skin to absorb all its nutrients. It is extremely light, in fact, lighter than any other mineral oils, so it is absorbed rapidly, hydrating the skin without clogging your pores.


Just like with any other essential oil, my only advice is to do a skin patch test before using this oil on your skin. Simply apply a drop on your arm and see if any allergic reactions occur. I recommend diluting this oil in a safe carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil before applying it on your skin, especially if you have a very sensitive complexion.

The most popular benefits of rosehip oil:

1. Dandruff free hair


If you suffer from dandruff which is very common these days, this oil is ideal for relaxing itchy, dry and irritated skin. It reduces scalp conditions also. Rosehip oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids that aid in repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles. It is well absorbed by the scalp, helps to keep it moisturized and soft.
How to use- Apply two to three drops on the tips of your fingers and gently massage oil into your head

2. Skin lightening


over time with regular use this oil reduces and lightens the scars and other skin blemishes. The astringent properties help tighten your pores as well as brighten your skin. So, if you are looking to remove dark spots, banish under-eye circles or even out your skin tone for a younger, youthful and supple look, ladies try this!
How to use- Gently and evenly spread two to three drops on skin combined with a pump of coconut oil to maximize absorbency and massage gently until fully absorbed.

3. Acne free skin


For most of the women, every month when Mother Nature comes to pay a visit, so does acne. Rosehip oil has always helped in preventing infection. It reduces over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands. Rich in vitamins and nourishing agents that your skin craves for, such vitamins A, C, and E present in Rosehip oil will help to repair acne prone skin.
How to use- Put two to three drops on the palms of your hands and massage gently directly to face until thoroughly absorbed

4. For moisturizing


Rosehip oil is a perfect natural moisturizer. Its fatty acids and vitamins, along with water, are a super combination and are the main ingredients in 90 percent of the moisturizers we buy over the counter.
How to use- Massage liberally into your skin as often as you like.

5. Wrinkles free skin


Rosehip oil is bundled with vitamins A, & C and anti-inflammatory fatty acids that are a fantastic option to eliminate wrinkles. Even those of you who do not have any wrinkles yet can use it as a preventative measure. It will hydrate, and repair damaged skin while providing a strong protective anti-oxidant boost for your skin.
How to use- Take one or two drops and gently dab the oils to problematic areas.


6. Even skin tone


apply this natural oil every day two to three times after cleaning and drying your skin. It’s gentle enough to be used by people who have sensitive skin as well.
How to use- massage it on clean, damp skin both mornings and evenings.


7. Firm Skin


Rosehip oil helps reclaim skin its elasticity. This pure oil helps you obtain fresh, younger looking skin because it does not have any harsh chemicals.
How to use- a few drops on your face post the cleansing routine in the morning and again just before bed.

8. Fade those scars


this oil is a wonderful and a natural remedy for minimizing and eliminating scars because it is packed with vitamins and Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. It is the ideal solution for fading any facial blemishes or scars. All of these nutrients help to rebuild collagen, fade skin’s hyper pigmentation and potentially diminish the appearance of fine lines; also the stretch marks!

How to use- just a few drops on your face in the morning and again just before bed.

9. Exfoliating Agent


A combination of rosehip oil with baking soda, you have a great exfoliating agent! If your skin is acne-prone then please do not try this. Only if your skin is stout can this be a great way to exfoliate. However steer clear if you already have blemishes as this solution can further irritate and clog your pores!
How to use- Add two to three drops of the rosehip oil and one tablespoon of baking soda and mix well and gentle scrub into your skin.

Note: Whether it is for the hair restoration or skin care, rosehip is the answer!

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