19 Uses and Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Contrary to its name ‘ROSEMARY’, this plant is neither remotely close to looking like Roses or the Maries of the flowers!  For your information, the name’ rosemary’ is a derivation of the Latin words “ros marinus,” which means, “Rose of the Sea. This is a dewy, serene looking gray-green plant with a long, soft and smooth pin shaped leaves which has beautiful powder blue flowers. It’s the tip of these pale blue flowers that holds the magic potion!


These aromatic herbs are a part of the mint family and believe me when I say that its balsamic exudation has the capability of transcending the mind to a divine retreat instantly! Through slow steady and the age-old process of steam distillation, this colorless magical (sometimes with a ting of a yellow) liquid is extracted and brought to you with its lingering woody fragrance.

Its prevalence since 13th century only speaks volumes of the characteristics it must carry to ensure, accelerate, facilitate, expedite and promote array of all-around mental, physical and spiritual health benefits.


This archaic Mediterranean herb has forever been sanctified by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews and is one of the most powerful herbs and essential oils on the planet! It is truly magical how this unblemished and undiluted oil with its piercing smell can benefit us all so much! It is certainly one of the most renowned essential oils used in aromatherapy across the globe. 

Since time immemorial this oil has been substantially utilized for its medicinal and kosher values by the Greeks and Romans. Due to its natural and impressive therapeutic properties, rosemary is being used extensively across the globe by alternative healers.  How liberal is its incorporation in present-day fast moving consumable goods?  In fact, frequent times rosemary is one of the unique selling propositions in many such products. The consumer has to be apprised of this herb in the last decade and a half or two and it is these days well integrated into their daily lives.

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil:

Few of the most profound benedictions of this brilliant herbal oil are that it is lambent for stimulating the brain, repairing and convalescing the memory and facilitating mental clarity.

It has other health benefits as well, which include:

1. Treatment pertinent to crammed respiratory tract and other general respiratory issues, to console rheumatic and stiff muscles, and for boosting and sustaining the liver and gallbladder.

2. It is also great for hair and skin care and is used as a fundamental ingredient in several relevant products. Rosemary is a popular ingredient in many daily care products because of its antiseptic dominion.

3. Its medicinal characteristics also reveal the corpulent presence of a chemical called carnosol. This herb is predominantly pledged for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. 

4. In the spiritual community, rosemary is used for purification and healing.

5. It is essentially an oil that ensures smooth and uninterrupted flow and circulation of energy and blood in our bodies, and most commonly as mentioned above, it relieves muscle aches and pains too which hinder our ability to concentrate.

6. The verbenone variety of rosemary is a less protracted fragrance than the cineol variety which is strong and pungent in its nature. The former variety is the one which allows clarifying of one’s emotions too, eliminating the indecisiveness and confusions from our minds. A challenge most of us face due to warped priorities in our lifestyle these days.

7. Earlier it was considered a symbol of integrity, wisdom, and love. Rosemary is said to be excellent for stimulating the conscious mind, opening the Heart Chakra, increasing vitality, and maintaining mental and physical health! 

8. Once they are Reiki charged by a qualified healer, the Rosemary Essential Oil is used with an intent to clear and stimulate the conscious mind and nourish the physical and mental body. It is the most healing and most effective variety of the essential oils available.

9. All Rosemary essential oils contain tissue-reinvigorating ketones, however, the Verbenone variety has a comparatively lower component of camphor and higher ketones, making it more effective and much gentler oil for rejuvenating the skin and hair, as well as providing wonderful revitalizing effects on the emotions. 

10. For emotional healing, Rosemary provides brain titillation, remodeling mental clarity and improvising on memory loss. This oil also cooperates with concentration, weariness, and nervous tenseness, as it provides conducive to mental alertness and activity and is nervine, which is a fabric that calms nervous excitement of any kind. 

11. Rosemary essential oil is very commonly brought in use by school and college students during their examination in order to resuscitate and revitalize the brain while removing any stale or sluggish mental activity.

12. Rosemary was also thought to bring armament from diseases, and to our utter surprise, it was an ingredient used in the well-known thieves oil. Bandits used thieves’ oil in the 15th century for protection from the plague, as they plundered many plague-infected homes where the inhabitants of the houses were infected with certain contagious diseases.

13. Dig deeper and you will discover its turgid benefits for skin and Hair Care. Rosemary essential oil has been famously used to improve skin which is oily in nature and is prone to acne and many pores related problems.

14. It is fantastic for eliminating dryness and it also evens out the uneven tone of the skin, as it is considered a beautifying aid for the face. 

15. Rosemary oil is excellent for assisting with the growth of longer and stronger hair. The oil stimulates hair follicles, allowing for rapid hair growth. It also helps with premature balding and graying of the hair. With regular massage of Rosemary oil in the hair, it will assist with the dry and flaky scalp, and it will also nourish the scalp and help in removing all dandruff. 

16. Rosemary essential oil has solid analgesic properties and serves as an excellent pain reliever if massaged on the area of discomforts such as headaches, sore muscles, muscle pains, arthritis, and rheumatism.

17. This oil is universally used for many respiratory issues too, as it is one of the best remedies. It has been used for treating and relieving, sore throat, cold, flu, respiratory allergies and infections, and asthma.

18. Rosemary is also anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antispasmodic, assisting with inflammation, suppress the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, and prohibiting spasms.

19. The oil is also emmenagogic, it works as a medicine that stimulates the flow of blood in the pelvic and uterus area, allowing for smooth menstruation and ease of any pains and discomfort in the uterus. This magical oil assists greatly with any of the breast, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, gallbladder, liver, cataract, leukemia, heart, kidney stones, and sperm motility too.


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