Top 7 anti-aging essential oils

Top 7 anti-aging essential oils

Humans depend on natural elements for multiple uses, and this practice is prevailing in the world since the medieval times. Back then, people use to extract everything from the herbs and the natural raw materials. Be it food for nutrition or healthcare or even the beauty enhancing ornaments for that matter; everything evolved from the mother nature.

Today, in the 21st century, man although uses the natural raw materials and resources but also does involve huge amounts of toxic chemicals which eventually lead to human health hazards.


But, what if you get something as pure as the mother nature for your health and beauty, in this era of constant artificialization? Sounds very alluring, isn’t it? Well! One such secret of nature is still kept safe and pure by the nature lovers. And, that one magic solution is the essential oil. There are a number of oils in the market today, but not as virgin as the essential oil extracted from the extremely sheer natural materials.

21 forever?

Everything that is born has to go through a life cycle passing different stages of life and finally collapsing in the senescent phase. Talking about the nature and the natural phenomenon, it is impossible to retard or adjourn the process of aging. This natural phenomenon takes place within every living organism on the earth and hence, is inevitable.

But, we can surely minimize or nullify the impact of aging on our body and our skin. Thousands of women and even the men from around the globe are constantly struggling to look young and attractive as much as possible. Ageing is inevitable and It isn’t possible to be 21 forever, but getting back the glow of a 21-year-old is guaranteed possible.

The natural process of aging leaves impacts like that of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin, patchy skin and a lot more. In the era of glamorization, who wants that kind of a body or skin? And when anti-ageing solutions are easy to access, who wouldn’t try them out?

But the catch here is the harmful hazardous effects that these artificially created anti-ageing products carry with themselves. So, what should we do? Stay content with that old and unattractive look due to the fear of the harmful effects of these products.

Well! A one-stop beauty solution to all your ageing related skin woes lies within the drops of the naturally prepared essential oils. In the following section of this blog, we will describe about some miraculous anti-ageing essential oils.

Essential oils to reverse your clock of ageing

The rosy glow, the smooth skin, and the vibrant look, is adored by us all. But, as the times unfold and you progress towards the mature age, your skin gets caught up by the ageing process and that leads to a dull and flawed skin. Most people rely on the artificial beauty ageing solutions while most other, aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals, step back and continue to live with that kind of skin.

Well, this blog is being written with the intent to make aware all those people who long have been searching for a reliable anti-ageing solution. Mentioned below are the top 7 anti-ageing essential oils that are sure to reverse your clock and transport you back in time, when your skin looked flawless and exuberant. Without making any more suspense, let us end your anticipation here: 

1. Pomegranate seed essential oil

Pomegranate is an extremely wondrous fruit having numerous health benefits and is known to enhance the blood circulation as well. The deep red colour of the pomegranate as well as the pomegranate seed oil is due to the presence of bioflavonoids that are majorly responsible for healing the ageing affects of the skin.

It protects the skin against the damage done by the sun and acts as the natural sun block. Pomegranate seed oil has high concentrations of anti-oxidants, and this leads to prevention of the skin against free radical damage. It is used to heal the damaged, irritated and dry skin as well. This makes pomegranate seed oil the preeminent one amongst all the other anti-ageing essential oils.

2. Myrrh essential oil

The myrrh essential oil is extracted from the sap like myrrh having a characteristics scented fragrance. Apart from its use in the anti-ageing solutions, it finds its applications in the medicinal and incense fields. It is loaded with adequate amounts of anti-oxidants that fight against the free radical damage caused to the skin.

It is also well known for its healing properties for the damaged and wounded skin. It enhances the skin tone and makes it smooth, even, healthy and extremely flawless. Myrrh essential oil is therefore the first preference for a lot of people and is recommended by a lot of skin therapists.

3. Jojoba essential oil

Jojoba essential oil is that one essential oil which almost everybody has heard about, in the television commercials of various beauty products, but very few are aware of its remarkable qualities. It harbours hydration properties and therefore, hydrates the skin in adequate amounts. This natural essential oil is a hub for a plenty of advantageous ingredients like Vitamin E, silicon, copper, chromium etc. It has amounts of iodine that are adequate to combat the iodine deficiency in an average human being.

With the increase in age the sebaceous glands of the body, tends to reduce the amounts of sebum produced by the skin. The sebum actually resembles the texture of the jojoba oil. Hence, jojoba essential oil is used as a substitute of the sebum for the people of mature age.

Jojoba essential oil serves as the natural sebum for the skin and moisturizes the skin and at the same time, also fights with the excess of the oil within the skin. This makes the jojoba essential oil a natural remedy for eczema as well as acne. Hence, Jojoba essential oil is the ideal anti-ageing essential oil if you are looking for something extraordinary.

4. Rose essential oil

Rose has been known for its extraordinary skin benefits from an eternity. For general skin woes, people have been putting their faith in the rose water as well as the rose essential oils. It is known that daily usage of rose water has miraculous beauty benefits.

The essential oil extracted from rose flower has the amazing qualities of healing the damaged skin and enhancing the flow of circulation which eventually leads to a natural glow. The rose essential oil prevents the breakdown of collagen present in the skin and hence, it maintains the elasticity of the skin. This leads to a smoother and tighter skin quality delaying wrinkles within the skin.

5. Frankincense essential oil

The frankincense essential oil has natural astringent properties which protect the cells of the epidermis from within. It is beneficial in reducing the acne spots, wrinkles and the large pores present in the skin. It is highly beneficial for the areas of the skin that are uneven in skin tone, or spotty skin tone.

The powerful ingredients that fight against the sun damage and the age spots make it a potent anti-ageing skin essential oil. It has a defense mechanism, which has the power to fight against bacterial infections leading to prevention of acne and blemishes. It shows remarkable effects when used for treating surgery marks, pregnancy marks, stretch marks and cracked dry skin.

6. Geranium essential oil

The geranium essential oil in a type of anti-inflammatory oil which is remarkable on the mature skin. It helps in treating uneven skin tone and reduces age spots from the skin. It comes with the natural astringent properties which tighten the skin, makes the skin firmer and more toned.

It helps in regeneration of the skin cells and enhances the cell circulation which eventually helps in delaying wrinkles and fading different type of scars. It possesses a mesmerizing scented fragrance.

7. Lavender essential oil

Apart from its use in the perfumes and scents, the lavender essential oil finds its application in the beauty and skin sector as well. It is the most preferred essential oil for damaged and burnt skin.

Lavender essential oil aids the skin in producing the 3 most potent anti-oxidants; catalase, superoxide dismutase and the glutathione. All of these three essential oils work together in harmony and fight against the free radicals and prevents the skin from damage. Due to its anti-microbial properties it fights against acne and reduces acne marks as well.

Fascinated much by the beauty benefits of these extremely extraordinary anti-ageing essential oils? These are sure to reverse your clock. These naturally extracted essential oils are safe on the face and all other parts of the body.

All of the above mentioned essential oils follow the same procedure of usage which is a gentle massage with 3-4 drops of the oil. Choose the one that suits your requirements and go get that flawless skin that you have been wishing for a long time.

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