Ryaal Vetiver Essential Oil

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  • 100% PURE, UNDILUTED, THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS - no fillers, carriers, additives, GMO, pesticides or herbicides. Ryaal Essentials offers only the highest quality oils. Create your own synergy blends or massage oils! For external use only.
  • AROMA: Vetiver Oil (Vetivera Zinanoides) has an earthy scent. ODOR STRENGTH: high. BLENDS WELL WITH: sandalwood & other resins. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: India.
  • USES FOR VETIVER OIL: Restorative & revitalizing properties. Powerful grounding and reassuring effects that help relieve stress and anxiety. Strengthens immune system and acts as a circulatory stimulant. Balances the mind.
  • Ryaal Essentials single oils come in a DARK AMBER GLASS BOTTLE with euro style dropper cap to protect the oil quality, integrity & potency from oxidation that can occur in oils over time. NOTE: Vetiver is a high density oil. If oil does not pour immediately, try warming the bottle in your hand for several minutes or hold under warm water. Turn closed bottle upside down and shake for 15-30 seconds to ensure air is not trapped in dropper and oil can pass through freely.
  • Ryaal Essentials oils are GC/MS TESTED, ensuring 100% CERTIFIED PURE therapeutic grade quality. All oils are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, vegan products.